Australian FF Recommended guidelines on collection of funds for attending events advertised on AFF

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Jun 18, 2002
AFF is a community of real people. Just like any other community, our members meet up and enjoy shared events such as meals, sporting events, activities, and travel. Typically, the event is organized by a member ('the host') who collects funds from all participants to cover the cost of the event. The host then uses the money collected to pay the service providers.

Given the growth of our community and the increasing number of events organized, I believe there is now a need to provide recommended Guidelines for collecting funds from our members.

These are Guidelines only and hosts may elect not to use them. However, hosts are now required to link to this post when promoting an event on AFF and clearly state whether or not they are following these Guidelines.

In all situations, please do your own research so that you are 100% comfortable before making any payment to an AFF member.

AFF is not - and cannot be - responsible for any payment made between AFF members.

Recommended procedure for payments less than $100 per participant

  • Host to provide a clear statement of how the required payment amount is to be used.
  • Host to provide details of any administrative charges (including Paypal or other 3rd party fees) included in the payment.
  • Host to specify the amount to be refunded if the event is cancelled and when that refund will be made.
  • Host to specify how any excess funds will be used.

Recommended procedure for payments over $100 but less than $500 per participant
  • As above plus..
  • Payment to be made to a especially created bank or Paypal or EventBrite or TryBooking account or similar 3rd party service.
  • The host has exclusive financial control of the account.
  • At least one other participant to the event has reporting access to the account.

Recommended procedure for payments over $500 per participant
  • Host to contact me (admin). We will then work out a specific arrangement that I will then post on the thread.
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