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Racist Remarks By Qantas Stewardess

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Junior Member
Dec 9, 2006
I have just read an article in todays paper that state Qantas are investigating that on a flight from Singapore Racist remarks were made through the flight in the First Class cabin by a member of the crew. This is the first time I have heard something like this, what is happening? Has any one any further information on this?
I would be interested in hearing what Qantas policy is on this mater.

Very Disturbing


Established Member
Mar 6, 2005
Article here:
Mile-high prejudice alleged | NEWS.com.au

Mile-high prejudice alleged

By Clair Weaver

August 19, 2007 01:00am
Article from: The Sunday Telegraph

A QANTAS flight attendant allegedly made anti-Semitic remarks to a Jewish passenger on a flight to Australia.

Sydney executive David Moses has lodged a complaint with the airline, alleging the woman repeatedly made derogatory comments about Jews, even after discovering that Mr Moses was Jewish.



Jul 10, 2006
Something a little fishy in that article - it took the FA some time to realise that Moses was jewish?
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Established Member
Aug 14, 2006
Really appalling. If this is true the staff member should be dealt with in the harshest possible manner available, which I think may be dismissal. Given airlines carry people of all sorts of ethnic and religious backgrounds there is no place for racism from staff. (not that there is a place for racism in any walk of life) I would think that QF will take this matter pretty seriously, though I doubt that they would like to publicise it. I know a number of Jewish people who even fly EK (to my surprise) and have told me that they have not encountered anything but the friendliest of service.

QF of course flies many Jewish and Israeli passengers and very often to the Holy land through BKK and HKG to link with LY flights to TLV. I doubt very much that this is in any way a reflection of a corporate culture of racism but more likely an isolated incident. At least one hopes :!:


Established Member
Apr 15, 2006
"Well you better go and tell her that she's letting your team down"...

Oy Gevalt!
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