Question about cancelled CX flight on QF Classic Reward


Junior Member
Jul 23, 2018

I booked a Classic Reward in Business MAN - HKG on CX216 on Tuesday 28/12/2021 then HKG - MEL on CX 163 on Wednesday 29/12/2021. This was back in Feb 2021 when award space was plentiful.

However as many will know CX have been offering a greatly reduced service.

None of these flights appear to be running anymore - CX's weekly flight from MAN in December appears to be on Fridays and I doubt it gets changed back to daily this soon.

Their flight from LHR (CX 252) on Tuesday 28/12 is running though and a connection to LHR from MAN can be made with BA on CX codeshare.

CX163 is not running on Wednesdays - there is CX 105 at 00:25 on Thursday 30/12 which would meet the requirement for a <24hr stopover (I know I wouldn't be able to leave the airport!)

Neither of these cancellations are official yet - both flights are still showing in ExpertFlyer but with 0 availability whereas CX 252 and 105 both have plenty of availability. But they surely will be cancelled.

So my question is this: will I get moved across to these flights? Even if there are no Classic Reward seats available on them? Or will my tickets get cancelled?

Who is best to contact about this? QF or CX?

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