QF Upgrades - Successes or Failures (post results)

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Shame it requires flying United ;)

My SG colleague who tends to stay over the weekend is having much more success on a Sunday or Monday return. Misses all the Aussie business travellers I guess
Very much each to their own, but as I documented here, I think UA has the superior J product across the Pacific at the moment. Indeed, just this week I ended up cancelling a QF J award I had back to Australia in favour of a UA J award I managed to secure.
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Most of my travel is during US peak times Eg Sunday from MEL, Thursday or Friday return.

PE success very high (85%), just J remains elusive, hopefully improving once the A380 makes a more regular appearance.

QF2 is quite empty in J so hopefully they come to the party. Will plead my case at the gate
Upgrade gods came through at T-2.5

QF2 Y > J
I’m on QF12 tonight (April 18) and I’m a lifetime Gold and requesting an upgrade from premium economy to J. Expert flyer indicates a few J seats available and one assumes all the higher status folks have been processed. Still not received an upgrade confirmation…

EDIT just got the bad news. Let’s see what happens at the gate!
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No success
QF 30 HKG MEL 27 April
WP Y to J
5 seats available at T-36, no seats at T-24
SMS at T-10

A little surprising:
Nothing at T-60
No upgrade for WP on flexible ticket
They either sold those seats or somebody else got those upgrades.

I'm not complaining. Very grateful for the many upgrades I got in the past. Also I slept like a baby in Y and arrived very relaxed.
QF9 (209) MEL-PER 28 April
WP Y to J (2 pax)

A little suprised (disappointed) at that result, tbh.

Classic reward upgrade requested 22nd Feb on the same day as booking.

Loading a month out:


Flight delayed by 4 hours - a number of J pax waiting in the Flounge shifted to earlier flights, but still no joy this time.

As a result, my first ride in the back of a 789. Never again. Cannot imagine 18 hrs PER-LHR non stop in that seat.