Qf syd dom - int 1:05 tfer

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Dec 6, 2010
I am constantly amazed at some of the connections people book. One run around the holding pattern is worth about 7-8 minutes. ATC's favourite phrase is "reduce to minimum speed".

We do not wait. If there is no luggage in the hold we'll go immediately.

When I was commuting, I never used less than 3 hours. If I couldn't get that, I went the day before. Not quite the same scenario, I know, but it's too easy to lose time, and impossible to get any back.

For sure.

How does Joe Public know that though?

The airline should not be putting the pax in the situation where the chance of missing the connection is so high.

It's easy for us all to sit here and say so having had the experience.

Surely in 2017 a customer can expect just a little more care from the airlines?
Feb 9, 2014
And there are cheaper hotel options near T3. Some are much cheaper and within a few minutes walk of T3. You can still check-in internationally at T3 and catch the free transfer bus over to T1.
I would chance the "cheap" hotels near T3 if my flight out is out of T1.
I thought that I could easily get a taxi from T3 on a Fri morning, to get my F flight from SYD to CHC, I think it was. Would be last year sometime.
So, at 4am, I walk from Ibis Budget to T3 taxi rank, thought, hmm, taxi park all empty, never mind, walk a bit further, hmm, no taxis in sight.
I was "warned" to book a taxi from Ibis Budget Sydney Airport the night before, but do you think I took notice? Nope, I didn't.
So, waited hoping a taxi would appear, no taxi marshals in sight at 4.25am at T3.
Had to call 132211 and thats an Adelaide Taxi phone number, can't remember which company it was put through in Sydney, but made it in a maxi van at $35 from T3 to T1 at 4.35am...
He parked in the special priority zone, near T2/T3 train station, I couldn't find him, so kept getting phone calls from him on my mobile.
I was waiting in the first place right outside T3, but he never turned up there.
So, off I walk to priority pickup, get into the back, taxi meter starts rising, and rising, and rising.
I knew it would be about $25, but then shot up to $29.xx.
Plus taxi levy, of $4.40...
Gave him tip so all up $35.
So, be prepared, while some would be happy NOT to overnight in SYD, sometimes, its better to.


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Mar 28, 2014
Just "maybe" there is a reason why QF insists an hour and 10 mins is enough to transfer from an Au dom to an Au int flight in SYD is enough.
Worst is that if you have paid for a whJ class and can't use the SYD J or (F (if you are WP/P1)) lounges.
Less people who are eligible to use the SYD lounges, but don't use it because they don't have enough time, means more $ for QF, you pay for it, but can't use it, (visitation rights to the SYD QFi lounges that is).
I know RichMEL disagrees, but I do nowadays do an overnight in SYD if I want to get anywhere internationally with QF.

Actually I only disagree in respect of certain situations.

AP, your conspiracy theory about reducing lounge use aside, the reason airlines will advertise short MCT's is to offer up the shortest possible total time to destination, to compete with other airlines. And most passengers prefer as quick a journey as possible and not stuffing around airport terminals any longer than they have to.

I agree 1 hour at SYD is ridiculous and I would never ever book that for myself (lounge access aside). That's practical based on experience. 1:30 as an absolute minimum, but 2 hours would be comfortable.. accounts for inbound delays, transfer bus delays, passport control/INT security delays etc.

If all goes right one could make it in an hour, but it would be a rush for sure.

Same with inbound, even HLO.

As frr me and overnight transits at SYD... Look, if one has a 0900 or 1000 flight out of SYD then sure, an overnight makes sense (though I have done an 0700 MEL-SYD connecting to a ~1000 SYD-CHC with no issue and brekky in the Flounge). I have also overnighted at Rydges with a ~900 JQ SYD-MEL 787 tag fight. That's sensible. My point in the other thread was that if one has a 3pm or later flight (say connecting to QF1 to LHR or something) then there's no reason why an online connection can't be made from MEL/ADL/BNE/HBA (etc) that morning with plenty of time for the transit. Not everyone can afford the overnight in SYD in terms of time or $$$ and it's perfectly reasonable to do a same day connection in my view.
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Sep 21, 2007
I would chance the "cheap" hotels near T3 if my flight out is out of T1. I thought that I could easily get a taxi from T3 on a Fri morning, to get my F flight from SYD to CHC, I think it was. .
But this is a Qantas transfer thread. If travelling on Qantas you can even check-in at T3 for your T1 flight (at the international connections desk). Well, I did a few weeks ago. And then went and caught the free Qantas transfer bus.
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