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Jul 28, 2006
Hello frequent flyer experts,

This is my first post on this forum but am convinced that i will get the best advice here as I have seen from the posts the number of people who have benifited from this forum.

My situation:

I am a QF Silver FF memeber and require 140 SC more to make it to Gold.

I have trip coming up in October to Europe but I need to stopover in Mumbai (BOM).

My confusion:

1. Should I buy a BA/QF kticket for this travel via BOM? I will use the QF 123 SYD-BOM and then BA for BOM-LHR earning me 70 SC points but from what I understand I will only get 25% points for the BOM-LHR leg. On completion of this leg I will get 140 SC and the Gold status but is it worth it as buying a ticket via BOM is about 500 $ more than the tickets via other countries in asia (SIN, BKK etc)

2. My other option is use my QFF points to buy this ticket 64K outbound via BOM. The following is possible on 64K
SYD-BOM-LHR-CDG-LHR-ZURICH-LHR-ATH. provided I dont stop at these destinations for more than 24 hrs which I am fine with as I will get to see 2 more cities and maximise my burn rate. On return I will spend 35 K from Milan to BOM and 42 K from BOM to SYD

After reading the AAadvantage forums sometimes I feel that I should burn out my QFF and start fresh with AA.

Do you think I can complete the AA Plat challange with my first option.

Thanks for all the help
Not open for further replies.

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