Qatar Airways in C, but how best to do it ex Australia?

Discussion in 'Qatar Airways Privilege Club' started by aspro2, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. aspro2

    aspro2 Member

    Nov 26, 2004
    I'm trying to work the logistics for the following in early May. Qatar Airways directly sells excellent business fares to Europe ex-Asia. AUD 1980 ret to all European ports from all Asian ports! Marvellous:), especially with the Doha premium terminal and C class on their A340-600. (Prices due to increase sometime in March.)

    the sectors MEL-Asia-MEL will have to be a different carrier, ticket and class (Y). QR won't promise to check luggage through to MEL on the return, and the same might apply with the outbound carrier, transit times must be padded to allow for delays into SIN or BKK, and I'd have the hassle of having to clear immigration at the Asian transfer point to then re-check baggage... is it worth it? - especially when I'd have to hang around landside waiting for checkin to open.

    The SIN/SQ option seems to be the best, using the bold times, but maybe I've missed some hazard or a better solution (and the A346 on CDG-DOH(-SIN) doesn't work out:(). I have no experience of this sort of fun. Don't really want to do a stopover. There's also the prospect of the luggage being over-weight for the Y-return portion. Wisdom, wit and experience appreciated!

    Earning UAMP miles, the options are:

     MEL-SIN  (Y)
     SQ arr 0645 or 1605 or [B]2140[/B], EK arr 0100 
     SIN-DOH-LHR  (C)
     QR dep [B]0320 [/B]or  0635
     MEL-BKK  (Y)
     TG arr BKK 0550 or 2225
     BKK-DOH-LHR  (C)
     QR dep 0835 (other  flights not interesting due to equipment ex DOH)
     CDG-DOH-SIN  (C)
     QR arr SIN  [B]1340[/B]
     SIN-MEL  (Y)
     SQ dep 0955 or [B]2100 [/B]or [B]2335[/B], EK dep 1520
     CDG-BKK-DOH  (C)
     QR arr BKK 1850   (again, equipment makes this the pref)
     BKK-MEL  (Y)
     TG dep 0015 or 0810


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