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Qantas - the new american airline

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Feb 1, 2004
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From Qantasusa
Special Airfare Alert - New Zealand and Australia

$498 buys you roundtrip (yes, roundtrip, not oneway) from LAX to Auckland, and $598 gets you all the way to Sydney and back.

All earn frequent flyer points


Why does qantas offer USA customers so much more

they are an australian airline and you screw us over

Americans pay 598US and we have to pay $2,223AUD in May

that is 1,605.00 USD dollars that australian's pay to fly from SYD- LAX

and americans pay 598US from LAX-SYD

:( ARGH !!!!!!!!!

also can some please explain why the prices are so different ??????

I have never heard anyone be able to explain this to me,
anyone want to take a shot?

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Jul 1, 2002
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Singapore is the same. At the moment you can get fares from SIN-MEL for $722 SGD return (ie $590 AUD) vs $960AUD for MEL-SIN return. It would be spectulating but maybe a lack of a good alternative FF program for Australians to use might be an issue.

For the US flights maybe seasonality is at play, USA-SYD/MEL is going from summer to winter, and vice versa.
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