Qantas Platinum One experiences?


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Feb 15, 2005
To all the newly-minted Platinum One frequent flyers out there... I'm curious to hear... what's been your experience so far?

Anything different?

Free upgrades?

... or all hype?
Hmmm, I have flights with QF every month this year - except for May. Nuts! Missed out.
This triggered a question/thought in my mind. For my fellow P1's - how well planned is your future travel? I've got a couple of trips in the next 6 weeks which will see me tip over the 6,000 SC mark for my membership year (end July). After that - I've got nothing booked, but I expect that next year will be a similar level of travel.
Usually I book my travel around 4-8 weeks in advance - does that make me unusual (or usual) in the world of P1?
I'm not saying there will not be any upgrades moving forward but QF were actively providing them before with the loyalty note on the BP form what I understand. The VIP ones will continue as per usual.

I'm usually booking around 2-6 weeks out for most of my travel.
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I got no such wines but didn’t push tbh as the lounge got crazy busy when QF2 landed and I transitioned to whiskey

I got well looked after with a few tasty drops from the top cabin onboard which was a 380 so quite a nice drop
What were the wines when you were through last?
@wannabeinvestmentbanker during the 2023 lounge crawl, these are the wines that were available to the P1s (there were 2 of us) when travelling with quite a few others. If you were solo or a smaller group there may be other wines. Also I cannot remember if the sticky was also for the P1s, I am thinking it was (but maybe wrong) I didn't take photos of the stocked wines.
Family member been offered a promotion with lots of travel. I estimate about 7,000 SCs in first 12 months.
So will make P1.
They would like to know how that impacts on J classic award availability to Europe, for example?
I've never been higher than Bronze, so cant advise them.
Many thanks
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