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Qantas Money (formerly Qantas Cash)


Feb 17, 2007
The old thread is locked so I'm starting this new one. I have some euros locked up in my Qantas Cash (now "Money") card and tried to use some of them today for an online purchase from a French supplier.
Purchase wouldn't go through, although well below what is loaded.

Are they operating that SMS system already? If so, that could be the problem as I don't have a mobile phone number. (I carry a mobile phone only for emergency use overseas, so the number changes with every new SIM card.) Phone line is engaged, so I sent en email, not expecting a speedy answer. Has anyone else encontered a similar problem recently?


Established Member
Feb 9, 2014
I would say that somewhere, the system knows you are not in the EU or overseas, so it won't allow you to do a purchase straight in Euro if your card is not there, ie not spent in person.
Have you tried to change the Euro to Aud and then spend that?
Not the ideal but its the best way.
My spending with Supershuttle NZ is that if I prepay, while in Aust, its always in the end Aud, not Nzd$, though the Nzd$ is quoted, but in the end, its always come out processed as Aud$.
If I use the card to buy AT Hop card money in Auckland, then its Nzd$ all the way.
Don't ask me how, but maybe there is somewhere an anti scam sort of thing, card not present and all that... that prevents you from spending in certain zones in the world with card not present.
Of course, I am only presupposing, and only waffling.
Try to change the wallet to Aud$ and see what happens.
Edit: all my QTMC formerly QCC, have all worked out very well, the only hiccup is using the QCC (at that time), at a BP outlet, (OTR in SA, waffly, but they are linked to VGW, so maybe they don't like the QCC/QTMC).
Best of luck though.


Feb 17, 2007
Thanks for your suggestions, AustraliPoochie. It turns out that the fault was with the supplier's payment page, not with my card, so I had to arrange payment via a phone call and all is now well. But I'd still like to know whether anyone has yet experienced an SMS being required. I do object to the expecatation that everyone carries a mobile phone at all times. I know most people do, but I have no need to, and that should be acceptable.

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