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Qantas Business Rewards - Feeling less loyal

Jan 20, 2013
Hi All

Several years ago we signed up for the Qantas Acquire program - and I worked hard in my job to direct as many bookings through Qantas as possible. We ended up with a few hundred thousand points over a year or two. Due to changes in our workplace and travel rules, we stopped entering our ABN for a long period. Fast forward a couple of years later and now the points have expired - some we redeemed earlier, but about 180,000 expired.

We wanted to resurrect our account and I send an online enquiry asking if it was possible to 'unexpire' our points as a one-off gesture - as due to changes with the program and changes within our company we had neglected it. The response to my online website query was to phone the call centre. I called. The response was to send an email. I emailed. The response I got was to call. I called, and was told there was nothing that could be done. There was 18 months without activity so the points expired. There were flights booked during that 18 months that could have had the ABN added retrospectively, however the window for doing so was closed. I sent a final email expressing my dissatisfaction with the customer service and response received to which I got a generic cut and paste (several different fonts, poor grammar, generic wording) saying 'too bad' - all signed off with a 'Qantas Loyalty' logo.

As someone who has been a QFF member for 14 years with various levels of membership including Platinum, and someone who spend tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on Qantas flights through my work I can't help but feel a huge hit to my Qantas loyalty.

I understand I did not meet the requirements of the program, and I understand it was our my own fault for ignoring the program for too long, but Qantas has always been a company that has helped me with my travel needs, whatever they are, and my cold and impersonal experience with Business Rewards has seriously damaged that.

I'm not sure the purpose of this post other than a rant about Qantas and businesses in general. These days it seems almost impossible to deal with someone with any compassion or authority - you just get passed from disgruntled call centre employee to uninterested call centre employee without anyone actually taking the time to assess the impact of the decisions made. 180,000 isn't a lot of points, but I worked hard for them and am disappointed in the situation.

Rant over :)

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