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Mar 17, 2006
Febs said:
Not being a WP (yet :)) I haven't been in the new FLounge, but a colleague has been twice and on both occasions has been told that massages are restricted to F passengers only, and non-F passengers can only have facials. Nothing to do with booking - even if the spa is completely free, massages for F passengers only.

Any truth to that? I suggested they were trying to fob her off, but it's happened on two separate occasions. Apparently the staff members were quite clear - facials for WPs if spaces are available, but massages for F passengers only.

- Febs.

Not so. I did get a 50 minute body massage flying Y, and only being a Platinum member .. this was a few weeks back in the SYD lounge. When talking to them, all options were open provided they had time ..

They also told me that they called F-class passengers 1 day ahead and asked if they wanted to make any bookings. All that was left was first come, first served ..

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