price drop for flights CBR-ADL

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May 16, 2006

I was looking to fly CBR-ADL in August and looked at fares on DJ last week. When i checked again this week (next month, next financial year), there were some significant savings to be made, for example the 0645->0935 flight via MEL had gone from $179 to $130. Anyone know if this kind of price reduction is a common occurrence and when it happens? On QF there was a consistent price rise (eg the direct 0610-0725 flight went from $127 to $138) in July


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May 25, 2006
There are 2 reasons for the differening methods that DJ and QF use.
Firstly Aug travel is a Parl period when CBR demand is generally stronger,especially with QF carrying most of the public service on the direct flight rather than the extra travel time via MEL on DJ
Also DJ use a system called openskies to do their flight control.
A mate of mine who works in yield for a major hotel chain explained the difference in the 2 systems used.
DJ has a pretty simple yield system with not many people reviewing the outcomes vs QF. That means if the expected forecast dosent come in as expected there can be price dumping to try to make sure they get the load they need. He said the QF system has been around a while and has good historical data so generally as you get closer price only goes up
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