Potental QFF Program Sell off - Questions?

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Jun 3, 2005
Ok, I was trawling the forums looking for any info on this potential "revamp" of the loyalty program to QFF.

One thing that came to mind while watching the TV the other night was, if there is 1.5 billion tied up in potential FF Points for Qantas why doesn’t FF have people who have its own spokesman or lobby group.

I mean surely, and this is going to promote a bit of flaming, but surely we earn the points and subscribe (pay money) to be part of the program, any change will impact on how we spend our money, or loyalty, and who we fly with...surely that counts for something.

Are Qantas so naive to think we will just roll over and take whatever they do with the Qantas FF program...? Or am I just naive to think that any of you guys give a Rats, except for ranting about it on the forums. (that should promote some discussion):p

I might have missed something, is there a lobby group? ..apart from the shareholders, that has any influance I would suggest that if the board is going to "de-merge" the FF program from Qantas, that the members of that program should be a little more proactive and try, and I say try, and be included in the process.

Have we all forgotten about the changes to the program a few years ago...and how it affected the majority of us...

I am not normally very proactive about such stuff, but from a purely selfish view as now I have spent a fair few years getting enough points together I don’t want to see them "revalued" so I can’t even afford to book a one way trip to NZ.

If you want to see what happened to when they hived off a program look at the air Canada experience.... (some good things happened too with it)

Now...what I have presented here is just some questions? There maybe answers out there that we have already covered in forums etc...so be nice in your comments. Having said that, I am a supporter of Qantas, mainly because they are my regional airline, and I have a sense of patriotism towards that company becuase they are a excellent airline for safety and sybolism for the country...and I don’t believe we should sell everything just to satisfy the responsibility to the "shareholders"...that excuse is so Gordon Gecko it’s not funny.

Some things should not be sold and are in the national interest.....that includes FF programs.

Flame on..


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Jan 24, 2007
I hate to say this, but most businesses will roll over and take whatever QANTAS gives them when it comes to the QFF program. Because reality is that domestically there is no alternative. Most (read: almost all) businesses and the government are not going to start putting their execs onto DJ just because QFF is a lousy loyalty program. They'd lose too much (like lounge access in most cities and business class) to do that, and execs expect these perks and since they're in charge, they're going to decide. So QF has little to fear from businesses jumping ship if the loyalty program is bad.

I'm not especially aware of the changes that happened when Air Canada sold off AeroPlan, but my understanding of the current situation is that AeroPlan is now larger than AC itself. It may turn out to be a good thing. If it becomes an independent business with its own employees then it will have to start making the program more worthwhile to survive. And QANTAS is talking about 'any seat redemption' at the moment. While we don't know what form this will take, it's got to be an improvement on the current situation.

In the end I don't think QANTAS is going to want to do anything too nasty to the QFF program, especially if they intend to sell it off. But in the end lobbying will do little I think, they hold the cards here and they know it.


Sep 28, 2006
..just because your company has a deal with qantas doesnt mean you have to post your points to the QFF program...thats one of the benefits of OW in my eyes! I believe 'aussie loyalty' is long gone when it comes to this...I know qantas in the end will not look after the local 'australian' because when it comes down to business....well!...profit speaks louder!!!

I am so pleased I was introduced to this site as it has allowed me to maximise my flying points to suit my needs - I fly 95% qantas - both dom and inter yet I never allocate them to my QFF account (thus the ugly bronze card in my wallet) yet I enjoy almost all of the perks of a gold QFF member (and hopefully soon a plat member!)

I honestly feel nervous for the people who have a nice nest egg of QFF points - I would cringe at the thought of these being devalued!!!

I just wonder what the impact would be on qantas if the majority of peeps flying qantas metal were to allocate to an alternate OW FF program...
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