possible Routing OOL/SYD/CNS ?

Discussion in 'Qantas Frequent Flyer Program' started by koakun, May 2, 2014.

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  1. koakun

    koakun Newbie

    Dec 28, 2012
    Is this possible rout, OOL/SYD/CNS as any seat award for 12000poins ?

    anyone pleas help.

  2. AustraliaPoochie

    AustraliaPoochie Established Member

    #2 AustraliaPoochie, May 3, 2014
    Last edited: May 3, 2014
    Not for ANA, points plus pay is a possibility, ... too low.
    You can go to the QF website and play around with using points, but I think that its just enough to get you the 2 sectors, OOL to SYD might be possible for that, but OOL to CNS or SYD to CNS will probably need more than 12,000 points.
    Don't know if that P+P will still be available after this July!
    ADD: just had a look, up to June this year, OOL (Gold Coast) to SYD is 8,000.
    No way could you do SYD to CNS for 4000. Its 18,000.
    You need 26,000 to do OOL to SYD to CNS.
    Do you really need to backtrack to SYD? OOL direct to CNS one way on JQ is 12,000, your dream...
    But if you have to backtrack to SYD, go try P+P.
  3. AustraliaPoochie

    AustraliaPoochie Established Member

    Using an example:
    11JUN14, OOL to CNS 9,600 points (direct with JQ), booking on the QF website under using points, (+ $41 for taxes (I guess)), flying midweek shows spots in Classic Award, weekends no seats available it shows most weeks.
    Best of luck anyway, and hopefully you don't really have to go backtracking, otherwise its 24,000 plus $.
  4. koakun

    koakun Newbie

    Dec 28, 2012
    Thanks very much lots of figure out,[FONT=MS Pゴシック]AustraliaPoochie.[/FONT]

    I quoted OOL/SYD/CNS at QF website as classic award was 18000 points.

    if my understanding is correct, any seat awards are calculated point to point distance.
    is means from OOL to CNS when I take flight via SYD ,it is treated award level is in zone2 means 12000poins.
  5. juddles

    juddles Established Member

    Aug 2, 2011
    Sth America
    Flight Map:
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    Using that logic you could fly from Brisbane to LAX and return for free :)
  6. AustraliaPoochie

    AustraliaPoochie Established Member

    OOL to CNS direct, while you can book the award at the QF website, it will be on JQ plane.
    18,000 points, yes, that would be right, OOL to SYD is 8,000, and SYD to CNS (both on QF), would be about 10,000.
    There is no such thing, as if you fly from OOL to SYD to CNS, its going to less than 18,000. I thought it was 24,000 + $$ when I did the look at it, OOL to SYD to CNS.
    Just too complicated to play around like the way you are thinking, just "bite the bullet" and fly from OOL to CNS direct, for 9,400 + $41.
    Thats what I would do, and not fluff around going backtracking to SYD, and "hoping to use only 12,000/18,000".
    If you really want to fluff back to SYD, to get the 767 from SYD to CNS, which i might do, if I was going P+P, then I would "probably" backtrack to SYD.
    Off topic: I love wide bodied planes. Pity to see the day when all the 767s are gone, and the 787s all going to JQi. From what I look, the 330 are also not that many in number.
    PS, and yes, I talk too much bull.
    Do what you want anyway, and best of luck using the 12,000, (or less!).
    I am not that well taught with MASA, JASA, XASA... and all that.
    Airport codes I get, MASA, JASA, XASA, I don't.
  7. AustraliaPoochie

    AustraliaPoochie Established Member

    O, just one more thing, I long ago thought that QF was my best friend, in regards to flights in Australia, the best airline company after Ansett died, ... then Virgin came along.
    Then Qantas took away international flights from Adelaide, then from Perth, now it seems that there are less flights by Qantas from Sydney to Singapore even.
    No use pleading with Qantas.
  8. mannej

    mannej Senior Member

    Mar 16, 2009
    Are they?
  9. markis10

    markis10 Veteran Member

    Nov 25, 2004
    BNE & SYD
    OOL - SYDNEY should be at a 12000 point min for a YASA just like DRW-CNS is via BNE.
  10. Mr_Orange

    Mr_Orange Established Member

    Jun 17, 2013
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    MASAs certainly are, yes. Hence the previous desire to connect and use unusual routings. The last round of enhancements zapped most of these but there are some where the revenue fare rules allow the particular routing.

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