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Jun 18, 2002
Historically, Australian Frequent Flyer has permitted discussion of (almost) any topic that is not directly Frequent Flyer related in the Playground forum. This includes discussions on topics that can be emotive and controversial such as politics. While we want to encourage open dialogue and expression, it has become necessary to reiterate the guidelines around content that is posted in the Playground forum and in particular related to politics and other emotive topics that regularly involve diverse opinions.

These guidelines, which may be updated from time to time, are designed to ensure AFF remains a friendly and positive online community where members can learn from each other's experiences and share their views and opinions openly without being bullied or attacked by people with differing views. The AFF moderation and leadership team will enforce these posting guidelines rigorously and in an unbiased manner.

The Moderation team will take a zero-tolerance approach to posts that breach these guidelines in threads in the Playground forum, including threads related to politics and/or religion. Any moderation activity will be unbiased and unrelated to representing or supporting any one side of an argument, and solely for the purpose of enforcing these posting guidelines.

  • Personal attacks are never acceptable, no matter how subtle they may appear. Feel free to quote someone else's post and argue your position, but do not make it personal.
  • Respect that other people may hold a different view to you and that is ok. It's not your job to convince everyone to move to your side of the fence.
  • Everyone has a right to express their own opinion, so long as it is done politely and without abuse or insult towards other members.
  • This is the Playground forum. You are not forced to read threads or to post in this forum. Ignoring a post/thread is a valid option.
  • Aggressive, abusive and unnecessary repetition of an argument will result in posts or partial post content being removed or modified.
  • If you believe a post is inappropriate, do not reply to the thread, but use the "Report Post" facility that is shown at the bottom of every post in every thread. If you reply you may be in breach of these guidelines and receive the appropriate disciplinary action even if you were not the originator of the issue.

While our moderators are also members of the AFF community and free to express their own views and opinions, moderation activity will be unbiased and unrelated to political persuasion or personal opinion on the topic.

Posts about politics in other forums and threads not originally related to politics may be removed, edited, or moved to the Playground if they are considered unhelpful or unrelated to the current thread topic being discussed. Such actions are not politically biased, but taken to ensure AFF remains a valuable resource for the wide community of frequent flyers.

This is intended as a reminder of the general AFF Terms of Service which apply to all members and all posts on AFF.
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Not open for further replies.

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