Points Club Earn on non QF flights?


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Nov 4, 2019
They are also only releasing seats from MEL to CMB, not from CMB to MEL. And yes, only one seat per flight (more don't become available if you book it). It's weird.

Unfortunately you need to take anything you hear from the Qantas call centre (especially if it's one of the outsourced ones) with a grain of salt. Some of the overseas-based staff are clueless and just make stuff up.

In any case, I suspect this comment is to do with commercial airfare codeshares on routes like SIN-CMB. Qantas can still sell UL award seats as UL is a Oneworld airline.
Hopefully the right thread or forum for this question. Managed to book business classic reward using QFF points - flights are with emirates SYD-MAN EK415 and EK17. Booked on Qantas app. They don’t show as codeshare at all and as I am points club plus I was hoping to get the status credits. What are best options here ? Put the EK flights on my emirates skywards? Google search suggests EK415 is a codeshare but booking does not show as a QF flight
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Oct 4, 2013
Are you 100% certain it was a classic reward though? Not perhaps, an any seat (do they still use that term) or points + pay perhaps?
Yeah, classic reward for certain, 150,000 QFF plus taxes booked in Feb for return trip in business... however i never flew the return leg, as i had to come back early and rebooked (another story)

I got nothing on the return trip, seems to have picked up correctly the reward seat status, so maybe a partner glitch
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