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Answered please help me to understand about transfers


Sep 27, 2009
I have been alerted to the fact that in February 4,500 sq points will expire from my Krisflyer account. at this time I have a total of 155,414 in my Kris Flyer account.

this week I transferred 50,000 miles from my Velocity account over to the Kris flyer thinking this would take care of the problem and would stop any points from expiring, but I've just been told by Kris flyer that the only thing I can do to save them is to buy (one time only) points and that is for a six month period at which time those 4,500 points will expire and furthermore, she said that nothing can save these 4,500 miles.

I cannot understand why it's just 4,500 points that are expiring (all the others will expire in 24 months apparently)

1. Should I transfer ALL my points back to my velocity account?
2. I know that by transferring from Velocity to Krisflyer was 1.35:1
so in effect I already 'lost' approximately 11000 in the transfer.
3. If I now transfer all the points in my krisflyer will I now lose another huge amount

4. and then, if I transfer back to krisflyer once again in a year's time when I want to book a flight, will I lose yet another lot of points, in fact, even more because the exchange rate is going up on January 1st?

I don't intend to try to use my points to book award flights until probably the end of 2019

I truly am so confused and hope someone can clearly explain it to me.

thank you in advance
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Feb 19, 2011
The biggest negative of KF, when compared to say VFF or QFF, is that all points expire three years from when you earn them. Earning further points does NOT extend the life of previously earned points. You can therefore have a 'rolling' points expiry at the end of each month if you do not spend them, as indicated on the KF website.

I would make a booking (or other points redemption) which utilises the expiring 4500 points and then leave the remaining points in KF, as you will have a further two years to book other flights to ultilise those points. I would not transfer a large number of points to VFF at this stage.


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Feb 21, 2014
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IMO, transfer 5000 to VFF (5k is the minimum), then you have another 2yrs to use the rest. If you're doing this then do it before 31/12/18, as its dropping to 1.55:1.
book a redemption now for upto ~12 months in advance


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May 2, 2013
I truly am so confused and hope someone can clearly explain it to me.
Why confused? Here is the gist of it:
  • Every single KF point has an expiry attached to it; it expires 3 years after it has been added to your account (regardless of how it was earned). 3-year expiry. Period. As an expiry date is attached to each KF point, any further activity in your account does NOT extend the expiry of points in your account.
  • If you so choose, you can pay SQ to extend the life of a KF point by 6 months. This is NOT purchasing points; it merely is paying SQ to extend expiry of specific KF points. You can only do this once, and it extends expiry date of specific points. Naturally you only want to do this, if you have imminent expiry of some KF points and you do not have any plan to use them straight away.
  • With the link between VA and SQ, there is an additional (indirect) way to extend the expiry of your point. You can transfer your KF point to your VA account. Your VA points will not expire as long as your Velocity account sees some activity every once in a while (consult Velocity T&C). Whenever you are ready to book a flight using points, you can either book the flights using your VA points (using Velocity booking process) or transfer your VA points back to KF (using SQ booking process). Of course this is an expensive exercise as they charge you quite heavily for both points going to VA and coming back to SQ.
That's it. Quite simple really :)


Sep 27, 2009
hossein thanks, yes, it's quite simple.

I did just call Krisflyer and there was no wait time, so, it was quite easy.
The customer service rep did explain everything very clearly to me and, the only difference from your answer above, is that I can purchase 10,000 kf points for US$12 which will extend the life of those expiring miles for 6 months (by which time I will use the points to book flights for the following year)

so- now that I have it clear in my mind, I will NOT be transferring any points over to my KF account again, unless I'm ready to go ahead and use them.

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