Pionair Flying WTB to SYD


Jan 24, 2021
Qantas paused flights between Toowoomba West Wellcamp Airport (WTB) and Sydney Airport (SYD) last year due to COVID, but haven't resumed the flights yet, despite the demand.

So Pionair has stepped in and is flying between WTB and SYD most likely on VH-SAZ a BAe 146-200 (80 seats).

Departing Once Weekly from 18 June to 9 July as a trial.

Bookings can be made at BOOKING | Pionair.

Priced at $322.00 one way from SYD and $270.00 from WTB, so not cheap, but will be interesting to see how it goes.

Pionair is a cheater and freighter operator with BAe's and E190s, you can read up on the fleet at OUR FLEET | Pionair and the history at HISTORY | Pionair.

Pionair leased an E190 to Air Kiribati and owns another E190.

What's everyone's thoughts on this service?


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Now that there's a competitor on the route, I'm sure QantasLink will announce a resumption of SYD-WTB services within a month. :p

Seriously though, those prices are very high and a once-weekly service is unlikely to appeal to many people. I'm not sure this will last.
Must be military/ construction or maybe oil and gas workers to support this route? I seem to remember that when QF flew this route pre Covid it was rare to see low prices?
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