Personal Charge Card Improvements

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Jun 3, 2005
Most probably doesn't affect you black card well heeled travellers...

Received a booklet noting the improvements that they have made to the green charge. These include:

- Purchase protection
- Refund protection
- Travel inconvenience cover

Annual fees are to increase to $80.

Does anyone know whether the according adjustments have been made to the cards above? Spoke to a friend who has the Centurion and he's pretty livid that the improvements haven't been made on his card.
The change affect both Green and Gold charge card. As the platinum card holder,I am already enjoying the bebefits mentioned above. The Gold charge card annual fee has increased from $95 to $130 pa.

I believe the benefits only got introduced so AMEX can justify the higher annual charges.

Hopefully, more benefits will apply to both Platinum and Centurion cards soon. Certainly I will not be happy if no improvement of benefits are introduced to Platinum or Centurion card.

From what I can see the web site hasn't been updated with these changes as yet.

I don't think Platinum has Refund protection. Purchase protection ... not sure if that is the buyers advantage or something to protect you against cost as CBA has?
Buyers advantage I was aware of, basically extends your warrenty.

Purchase and Refund protection I don't think is covered under that list unless your refering to Online Fraud Protection Guarantee which is differant again I'd think.

Also, noticed the Green and Gold Charge card pages are yet to be updated online.
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