Permit Needed for Medications brought to Thailand ?


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Jun 20, 2022
A question for the Frequent travellers to Thailand if I may please.
(Mods feel free to move to General Medical Thread)

I have a pre- existing medical condition, under control and well managed for 30+ years, for which I have adequate PE TI.

I do need to travel with certain medications (antibiotics and strong analgesics) should I experience symptoms of an episode.

Reading through Thai information on medications category 2&4 need a permit if you are "under treatment".
Technically, I am not under treatment but swift administration of these medications is usually all I need to avoid a hospital admission.
I travel with my doctor's letter and medications in original packaging.
(I did get a permit to enter Singapore in 2019.)
Thinking it is probably best to get one for Thailand holiday?

Appreciate any feedback from the AFF community - thanks.
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we have never got a permit to take our medications into Thailand. The permit is needed for some Narcotics. oxycodone and pholcodeine are listed as being restricted..
here is a Thai expat site.
You can bring medicine into Thailand with you if:
  • It doesn’t contain controlled drugs (see list here)
  • It is for personal use
  • You have an accompanying letter from a medical professional
  • The quantity doesn’t exceed 90* days of prescribed usage
  • As with many things in Thailand, there are official rules and there are unofficial rules. No doubt there are people travelling to Thailand who will say they have never had an issue or have brought in more than 90 days* supply of medications.

There is a link to the drugs that you can't bring in.

And here is the Thai Embassy in canberra site. it is harder to navigate but it did have a page on drug permits and it is basically narcotics.
Thanks @drron I did read those links previously but will do so more thoroughly. I need to have Oxycodone with me on my travels.
Never had to use it but don't want to rely on Murphy's law.
Antibiotics are over the counter in Thailand so you would not need letter from doctor.

You can get endone/morphine via prescription in Thailand so I don't see carrying stronger analgesics an issue other than having a letter from doctor.

I do carry Panadeine forte with me to Thailand occasionally but I've not bothered getting a letter from doctor. Now that I've seen this thread I may just ask doctor for letter and take 3-4 boxes of Panadeine Forte with me and leave at home in Chiang Mai next trip.