PER to MEL trouble today

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Mar 19, 2006
Did anyone get caught up with the QF802 PER to MEL delay today?

I transferred to QF8802 (extra 737 flight put on by QF).

We went through the online checkin process around 11am.

I was sitting in the qantas club at 1pm and my wife got paged. So I went to check it out and the person at the front desk said "here you go, let me give you some new boarding passes".

I saw the row number was 2, and i had a big GRIN.. hehe I replied "operational upgrade?"..... "there you go sir..."

First time i have had an op up, and it was for 2 people! (both my wife and i are QFF Gold)

It was a fantastic flight. Excellent service, great wine and OK food.

I was booked on S class (Super saver). When the lady transferred us to the other flight, she had us booked on Y. I just checked the FF website, but I only got 20 SC, instead of the full 40SC. Ah well.. can't win them all.. i was hoping for a "free" 20 sc bonus hehe...

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Not open for further replies.