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Paying tax by credit card and earning points...true

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Junior Member
May 20, 2005
I accidently discovered that as I pay my accountants bill by credit card through a very well known branded product who have branched out to providing business services, I thought I would try to pay my bas last qtr to the accountant and he paid it for me with my funds from the credit card.
so now I have an $8k tax bill over 12 mths so I will pay by credit card initial lump sum and then instalments.

You will all be busting to know which company it is so think about it...... Quick
I think I will pay for my next overseas trip on October 05 to the travel agent $10k this way and pass m it through y the bill o paying b facility.

If no one else can use thsi faclity maybe you nedd to meet my accountant

Regards to all
Not open for further replies.