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Aug 2, 2009
This is one of those 'I've just had an eye rolling experience with an airline' kind of posts but here goes....

As many people here have mentioned, VA is really poor in terms of integration with partner airlines. You want to fly to LAX - no problems. Want to fly on to SFO with a partner airline, sorry we can't do that using points online.

If you want to do this in cash you get offered Delta flights. Call them to book it using points, you get offered Virgin America flights.

How do we calculate the points cost? Oh we do point-point calculation and it seems to be the same amount of points as MEL-LAX except the taxes are slightly higher. Great!

Oh but the system can't handle this and wants to charge an extra 7000 points so I have to wait in line to talk to my supervisor and then they have to add the extra points to your account so the system can take them. ie they cost to me should be 70000 but the system wants 77000 or something similar.

40 minutes later a call that should have taken ten minutes (I'd called previously and got a quote and routing) has left me bewildered and feeling like I'm not missing out on anything by not directing my flying and points earn to Velocity.

Now I'm in the mood to choose my seat. Oh wait, although I'm logged into the Velocity site I have to LOG IN AGAIN with my velocity number because there is no single sign on.

I'm about ready to cry and I haven't even had to fly with them, eat their cardboard, experience their lounges, change terminals in LAX etc etc.
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