Opps, Britney.....I did it again....Upgrade

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Jun 3, 2005
Hi all,

Just thought I would share <gloat> about my trip back from Chicago on the 4th of august this month?

We it all started with me coverting my neighbours esky/cooler in Chicago, I said man, how do I get one of those for the uninitiated, it was one of the ESKY type coolers that you get that is about 1.3 mtrs long and about 50 centimetres deep. Needless to say you can’t buy them in Australia this particular esky.

So my partner and I bought one for $69US and logged a request on the Qantas website about 5 days prior to going saying that I had an oversize bit of luggage. (We registered as a windsurfer because it’s the only one that lets you put dimensions on it.) And proceeded to the airport a week later.

Got there and all I checked was the esky and all my partner checked was our 2 bags. I have Gold Status and he is nearly silver. So I thought that would be easy.

AA flatly refused to put it on. they said there was nothing on the ticket after a lot of tooing and froing they rang Qantas, and they lady on the phone said that she could see that it was logged but it had not been approved...etc this went on for ages, the piece of luggage was10 inches out and was going to cost me$100US just to ship....<partner looking very mad at this point>....what could I do, I could leave it, and to send it back in a cab would have cost 50bucks US, and no where to leave it at the AIRPORT.

So I Paid it.

After 4 hours on a plane and some vapid looks from my companion. We got to LAX.

We proceeded to go find the Qantas lounge there, which we found there is about 6, very small little things they are.

At this time I was just ready to go home to BNE to fly out at 11.30 PM. As a treat I thought we would try and upgrade to business. The class of ticket we had was a Q class, I was assured that because it was such a cheap ticket there was no way in hell we were going to be able to upgrade, I was hoping I could just pay the difference for a higher class of ticket and then use points to upgrade it.

Any how on finding the right lounge, I was told that we had been bumped up to Business Myself on J and Partner on K Class tickets.

UNROOL...anyhow there is no real reason why this should happen but it does this is the second upgraded flight we have had between LAX and BNE without asking for it.

I suspect it was because they didn’t approve my esky, and gave us an upgrade. Well that’s what I am hoping anyway.

Live for upgrades, this about the 6th one so far going around the world, as for the esky.....the beer is so much more sweeter...lol


Aug 27, 2004
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celtic_cub said:
... as for the esky.....the beer is so much more sweeter...lol
And colder too :D. Oh, and congratulations on getting the comfy seats.
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