One world pacific circle fare

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Sep 21, 2005
I have been considering using a OW RTW ticket, however can't take the whole six weeks that I wanted to do it for (Honeymoon). I noticed on the OW website that they also have a circle pacific ticket. I have never seen any chat about this on Frequent Flyer. Has anyone used this fare and know much about it. We would be doing it in Bus class. Our main destination is the US which we would want about 6 stops plus Hong Kong or singapore on the way home.
My TA has indicated a price of $7029 plus taxes with QF.

Any ideas or opinions on this fare greatly appreciated.

I am QF gold, my partner is QC silver.
Likely routing depending on what the fare allows is.
Departing Sydney, Honolulu, LA, San Fran, Chicago, New York, Washington, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney.
Not sure if the fare allows for all these stops, will see what the experts come up with.

Dave Noble

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Oct 10, 2005
If you have a look at oneworld - Circle Pacific , you can get the main details about the circle pacific fare and hopefully see whether it will meet your needs.

You will need to fit it into 26,000 miles and have a maximum of 5 stops and 20 sectors.

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Jul 1, 2002
Ok, a couple of points. The fare your TA quoted is almost certainly the 22,000 mile which you won't be able to do on your current routing. The 26K fare is usually about $1200-$1600 dearer. To do a 22,000 mile fare involving NYC, you would need to route back to Australia via Tokyo, or alternatively via HKG travel back to Cairns and buy a separate fare from Cairns-Sydney. No way of including Singapore. Plus you would have to drop Washington from the itinerary and route from Honolulu-San Francisco- LA rather than Honolulu-LA-SF.

The other watch out is stopovers. On 22K fare you get 4 free stopovers, and on the 26K fare you get 5 free. Regardless of the distrance, you are only allowed 2 free stopovers per region (North America, Asia, SW Pacific). You can purchase an extra 2 per region for USD75 per additional stopover. As you have 6 in North America, need to drop 2 (but you can for example, make your own way from SF to LA and that would be only counted as 1 stopover similar with Washington & NYC.
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