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One Ocean Cruises in Trouble


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Nov 1, 2011
We have friends in Buenos Aires ATM who were due to start an Antarctic cruise with One Ocean on 6th Nov. but the company has just cancelled the trip which it was apparently still advertising yesterday. Info is fuzzy but this comes on the back of another of their cruises being cancelled 2 weeks ago when they couldn't obtain enough fuel for the ship. Obviously a company about to do a Titanic, and therefore avoid


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Jun 7, 2006
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A great pity if that's what happens.

I went to Antarctica with them some years ago and it was excellent. They were using two Russian sister-ships - the Vavilov and the Ioffe (Vavilov - Antarctic Expedition Ship).

I heard earlier this year that the company that owns the ships had, for unspecified reasons, suddenly withdrawn them from use, leaving One Ocean stranded. But I heard that they had access to another vessel.

More here: SHIPPING NEWS: One Ocean Expeditions sails into troubled waters | The Chronicle Herald

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