NZ says sorry in a very public way

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Nov 25, 2004
So...the stranded pax are all not home yet? Seems like a very long time now.... the airline could have pushed the pax on HA services or other NZ services to/from HNL since then (were they all filled to capacity? ). I'm surprised more pax haven't pulled out of their bookings and made their own way home, relying on travel insurance to defray the costs of getting them out.

The incident of the drunk crew, if true, isn't a good show from the airline.

NZD 1000 is better than nothing.....

The article is clutching at straws, the plane and passengers came home late in the week.


Sep 22, 2011
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The incident of the drunk crew, if true, isn't a good show from the airline.

I'm working on this allegation as being the basis of the "lifted" from the NZ Herald Air NZ Crew too drunk for flight - National - NZ Herald News

"He and his family hadn't had an issue with the flight being delayed: "It was just the communication and repetitively being dragged out to the airport for no apparent reason."
If staff were out "partying up" while stranded passengers were "on call" waiting for information, he wouldn't be happy."
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Nov 30, 2004
Knowing how these operations work... I'm going to say the crew were stood down, told of a rescheduled departure time and given new sign on details. Crew has then settled back into a hotel for the morning,gone to dinner, had a glass of wine/a beer with their meal (believe it or not, crew are people too) and then called by a flustered ops team and asked to sign on early as the plane was ready sooner than expected. Crew advises they've had a drink with dinner and can sign on at their scheduled time.

Tabloid media reads this as crew (who apparently are available 24/7)pissed off their head.

Just an educated opinion ;)
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