November newsletter

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Jun 20, 2006
Just received the November newsletter from QF, and scrolled down tot ehbottom and caught this little bit:


Plan your journey in Economy

A new Journey Planner inside your International Economy menu
will guide you through your flight to help you make the most
of your time onboard, so you'll know when to expect your
meals and when to nap. As always, our friendly staff will
offer water, juice, soft drinks and snacks throughout your
flight to ensure you stay refreshed.

And at meal times, know that we're looking after you with our
Heart Foundation Tick approved meals, providing you with a
healthier dining option~~.

To find out more about the International Economy experience
Flying with Us - Travel Classes - International Economy

hmm a Journey Planner, wonder what thats all about ?!? and given the way QF serve out meals in economy, do they allow for the 1hr difference from rows up the front to those at the back :p
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