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Nikki:The following articles may only be carried in checked baggage:

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Jul 13, 2006
I have a flight tomorrow on Nikki to Barcelona from was just checking my baggage allowance.

I was most relieved to see that I can pack my catapult!!!!!!!!!!!! So my plans to lay siege to the city centre will not be set back.

The following articles may only be carried in checked baggage:

  • Cutlery
  • Razor blades
  • Toy guns and commercially available toys that could be used as a weapon
  • Catapults
  • Sports rackets and other sports and leisure equipment that could be used as a weapon
  • Knitting needles
  • Any other sharp objects, such as knives, scissors, tail combs and syringes (except for certified medical purposes)
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Jul 4, 2002
Interesting to see knitting needles on that list.On our last trip mrsdrron was able to knit on AA and I believe that is the case for QF as well.


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Jun 24, 2007
My Map
Things must have only changed recently. Lady in front of us at security about 4weeks ago had her knitting needles taken out of her carry on luggage for security reasons.


Oct 15, 2009
The Australian Dept of Infrastructure and Regional Development lists among items prohibited on board an international aircraft "sharp things that are not weapons but are capable (with or without modification) of causing harm by penetration such as letter openers and metal pointed scissors". I suspect that was meant to cover knitting needles. However, for Australian domestic flights the same description is given but it says that as from 25 December 2009 items removed from the prohibited items list include "knitting and crochet needles". Different countries - different rules, but in the end it is the security staff, for better or worse, who make the final decisions.
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