Nice wines I have drunk recently - Red or White


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Dec 31, 2011
He’s busy hanging out with his best friend James Packer..

I just assumed you were visiting Packer in his old place in Jaffa...
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And I hear Bibi is claiming mental illness? :)

Wasn't the story he was actually taking legal action for defamation because someone else claimed he must be suffering from mental illness? Either way....

Bill Bosworth

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Jun 15, 2020
Thoughts on the Sophia, is that from recent VM deal?
Yeah it was from VM - paid $42ish after discounts. I liked it, and was really pleased to try a top NZ red for the first time, but it didn't totally wow me. And there's a lot of good wine about right now in the $30-40 bracket.

It has some really nice subtle lines, though I think it would be easily overpowered by food with strong flavours. That said. I also found the 2012 quintet didn't shoot the lights out, so maybe my mouth was tired!!

I think the 2011 is at a good drinking age, and am not confident it will improve beyond 11yrs. Indeed, I think it's at risk of winding up on the thin side in a few more years.

I'd be very interested to know what others think

The Warlock

Feb 6, 2016

Chateau Mont Redon C9DP - 2016 - Finally got around to trying this bargain from VM last year and what a bargain it is. Awesome red, blue and black fruit underpinned by spice. Tannin and Acid stick out a bit at the moment as does the Oak which leaves a charry varnish taste by the end of the bottle. This is a rich structured wine that really needs another 3-5 years before approaching again.
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Feb 15, 2008
I bought 6 dozen Chalambar years ago and haven’t tried one for a couple of years.
Must try it this year.

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