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New to AFF

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Nov 25, 2013
Just wanted to say Hello. I joined AFF a few months back and Im quite amazed at the knowledge of some people on this forum. I love to travel myself but wish to do so more. Iv caught the travel bug quite young and thankful Iv found this forum. Any tips for someone like myself to gain points and status credits? Im a member of both QF and VA. I hope to make friends with people and gain some knowledge and share travel stores. Ta:)


AFF Supporter
Nov 12, 2013
Welcome aboard!

Make sure to get along to a social gathering or two.


AFF Supporter
Feb 9, 2014
I joined QFF in 1997, and they don't even care about me!
I joined the old Ansett FF program too around that time, and they went kaput.
I joined VA about 2005, what was the VB airline code that was theirs when they first started?
So, I am now in a conundrum, like you I guess.
I have never made it to Silver with either QF/VA, but this year, I was going to make QF PS, Plebian Silver, but they (QFF did the dirty on many of its once very loyal (hint hint) QFF, now I don't know, should I put all of my flight business to VA codeshare with NZ? Seeing that NZ has a number of wide bodies flying across to NZ, where I go most often.
Anyway, welcome.
If you can afford it, pay the annual susbcription of $50 and get $200 off the AFF QP club, Qantas Club, its worth it, the food is much more substantial than VL Virgin Lounge.
Or at least support $35 a year, and no, I don't work for AFF, or VA or QF. Apart from FlyerTalk, which is free, these two sites are the best. And yes, I don't mind paying this site $35 a year, worth it.
Back to which is better, I guess that QF & VA are the same, just that QF did the dirty, apart from that, earning SC is the same!
Sorry, but I have to say this, hint, go VA!


AFF Supporter
Jun 27, 2007
G'day love2flyhigh, enjoy your flying and do what's best for you.

And do be active here.
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