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Australian FF New Question threads


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Jun 18, 2002
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We have made another "enhancement" to AFF ;)

You will notice at the top of the community home page there are now 3 drop down menus - Question Threads, Promo Threads, and Wiki Threads.


(depending on when you view this post, there may be more as we may introducing more in the future)

These menus are an easy way to access all threads with a specific prefix. Click on a link in any of the menus and you'll be taken to a page containing all threads with that prefix - irrespective of the location (ie. forum) of that thread. We have been using "Promo Threads" and "Wiki Threads" for a few weeks, so you may have already seen and used them. Today, we have introduced "Question Threads" and as this does change things a bit, I thought it be best to explain what it is.

Previously, if you had a question, you would post it in the "You Questions" forum and our members would provide an answer and/or discus the question. This has always had the inherent problem in that the thread could also logically reside in another forum. For example a question about Qantas could live in the Qantas forum (especially after it had been answered). We now have the technology to address this issue.

Going forward, instead of posting a question in the "Your Questions" forum (which incidentally is now locked), please create the thread in the most appropriate forum and give it the prefix "Question".


This will automatically tag it as a Question thread and your thread will display in the "Question Threads" drop down menu for easy discovery. Once it has been answered a moderator will change the prefix from "Question" to "Answered".

Using our earlier example, if your question is related to Qantas, create the new thread in the Qantas forum and then add the "Question" prefix. Your new thread will now display in the Qantas forum (where it logically belongs) and will be tagged as a question until answered.

Hope you find this change beneficial.

Any questions please contact myself, support, or any of the Moderators.
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