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Netflights Car Rental Queries

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Feb 14, 2010
I'm looking at renting a Mustang or Camaro (preferably Camaro) for 10 days in late August from LAX.

As many here use and recommend Netflights, I checked their prices and they were the cheapest by a long way!

Mustang convertible through Netflights is GBP302 (approx. AU$600) from Alamo and GBP317 (approx. AU$640) from National, including all required insurance. These amounts have increased approx. GBP10 in the last few days. This compares with USD711 (approx. AU$1,000) from Avis and double that from many others including Hertz. From it's GBP360, the second cheapest.

Netflights T&C's state their rates are not available to residents of Asia and Pacific regions, which I think includes Australia.

Am I reading this correctly?

Would you pay an extra GBP 15 to rent from National over Alamo (I'm pretty sure they share the fleet, but National is likely to get the newer/better cars)?

Would it worthwhile joining National's Emerald Club? Am not likely to rent from them too often!

Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Established Member
Oct 19, 2010
I'd grab National for GBP15 more (not worth much after today!), as have rented from them and been happy each time....they have been accommodating formy desired car choice each time too (from Dodge Charger to Chevy Tahoe).
Emerald Club is handy as you can book a midsize rate and select any car from the Emerald Aisle....although there are unlikely to be any convertibles here.
Pretty sure you can only use Emerald Club if booking directly with National.

Is Netflights rate refundable?

If so, I'd book a convertible through Netflights, and also a midsize (if cheaper than Netflights convertible rate) through
Then when you get there, see whats on the Aisle....if no convertibles, ask for one.If successful,cancel your Netflights booking (check cancel terms, might not be allowed on day of rental etc)
If no good trying to get lucky with a convertible on the Aisle, then cancel your reservation on your phone, and go for your direct Netflights convertible booking (which will allow you to select directly from the specific convertible section, and should have no probs with a Camaro...V6, not V8)

If Netflights is not refundable/cancellable, I'd just go with Netflights only and not worry about the Emerald Club option....
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