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Near miss at Barcelona caught on video

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Nov 25, 2004

Incident at Barcelona Airport caught on video. An UTair Boeing 767-300 was just about to land at Barcelona Airport when an Aerolineas Argentinas A340-300 crossed the runway just in front of the landing aircraft. Pilots of the landing UTair flight noticed what was about to happen and performed a go around to avoid collision.

Playback at Flightradar24:
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Oct 9, 2003
It doesn't look as spectacular as you'd expect from that angle but from the pilots' POV it would have been frightening.

I've been in one at LHR in 1997. We'd flown from LAX on BA and had already been circling for a while before coming into land. We were just about down (I thought we even touched down momentarily but that may have been my imagination) when we surged back into the sky and then circled for another 40 minutes before landing. The pilot came on and told us a fire engine had passed directly across the runway. Sounds bizarre and I never heard any more about it but it's an experience I don't care to repeat.

After being on a plane for that long it's not what you need. A bloke across the aisle from us was obviously a chronic smoker - when we were first circling he'd pulled out a cigarette and was mock smoking it to calm his nerves. He thought that first smoke was only minutes away when we came in the first time but then was forced to wait another hour! He started flicking the buckle on his seat belt back and forth until his wife slapped his hand!


Apr 27, 2005
I'm still yet to experience a go around, and I'm sort of just curious.
It depends on the reason for it... a go-around is usually a non event, and more than anything just an inconvenience because at a busy airport it can mean a lot of extra time in the air (my last one at HKG was an extra 30 minutes). From a passenger perspective it's just a case of engine power up, nose up, gear up.

Margins of safety are built in - the very reason why they do go-rounds. There is usually nothing scary about them... unless the weather is the cause and the pilot has been trying to land in some pretty bad winds or something. Then - if you have been paying attention, it can be a bit of a worry wondering if the pilot is going to try and put the aircraft down no matter what, or err on the side of caution.


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Feb 5, 2011
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Been in 2, 1 in SYD when landing on the east/west, nearly down when full power came on and up we went. Don't know what the problem was, the 2nd was landing in Rarotonga in the middle of a cyclone at midnight. They took us around twice before they caught a glimpse of the runway and threw us down from what seemed like 100 feet. That was scary

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