Naked man causes Virgin flight to return to Perth


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Aug 1, 2010
Not funny with the assault of a crew member and then the aircraft went back to Perth so everyone was inconvenienced.
Looks like flight was already delayed due to late arrival of aircraft
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Possible mental illness?
Seems likely, given the AFP took him straight to hospital. From the ABC article:
"AFP officers arrested a man after he allegedly ran naked through the aircraft mid-flight and knocked a crew member to the floor," an AFP spokesperson said. "The man was transferred to hospital for assessment, where he remains."
Sounds like mental illness although that's not on the top of my to do list.
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It was obviously the knocking-over of airline staff which got the guy in trouble.
I’ve been nekkid under my clothes every time I’ve flown, and never got into this sort of trouble.
Hopefully he will have very restricted movement after the court case. Knocking a crewmember over sounds very much like assault

Couldn’t run away from the PERfect state fast enough?
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Possible mental illness?
Or just PERfect behaviour? :)
PERth is a pretty remote city if you look around the world.
i was hoping an eye witness from that failed flight could get us more details.

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