My next platinum anniversary 2022


Jul 14, 2009
Hello fellow traveller, or in my case not travelling anywhere this year it seems.
Having reached platinum status about five years ago with the majority of the status points, about 75 percent, and as I stated not travelling any time soon, and I am very mindful that there heaps of QFF in the same predicament.
So to my question:
What is everyone’s crystal balls saying on how we will fair without any travel?
Dec 27, 2007
Got platinum for first time SEP19 after completing a grand RTW trip in QF and AY business! :)

I will be plat for longer with borders closed than i was prior (6 months).

Used status for a first lounge visit on a international JQ flight stopping in CNS Nov19.

And then again on a dogleg flight thru sydney to bali in FEB20 to check out SYD first lounge. (so thankful i took that spur of the moment trip as it was the last.......)

Trip to Sri Lanka cancelled MAR20.

Used plat status for a reward upgrade mel-syd on A330 in March cause it was first time flying! Was fun to do international J for an hour but really ... was just being silly.

Was planning on long service leave when borders opened to use up leave points and status ......

Work not sending me anywhere, so cant earn anything to get to gold.

I think that will be the extend of my plat experiences....... it was nice while it lasted....
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Established Member
Feb 23, 2015
What is everyone’s crystal balls saying on how we will fair without any travel?

My personal opinion - Qantas won't offer any further status support unless it generates forward bookings or some other form of revenue. So that might mean:
  • more DSCs, especially as international bubbles progressively open or on routes which have weak demand
  • something similar to the 2nd round of status support - make x booking and you get an extension, or a wad of SC
  • offer SCs to FFs who also qualify for Points Club/Points Club Plus members to encourage spending on the ground
  • offer more SCs with credit card sign-ups, we've already seen the recent Amex Ultimate 120SC deal which I think is the most ever included with a CC sign-up
  • offer SCs for points transfers from 3rd party programs like Ascent Premium
  • some sort of SC earning ability with the Accor partnership supposedly coming 'mid this year' (e.g. 1 SC per $100 spent ala Flybuys/VA)
Keep in mind that the current support not only extends status til next year but also include the 40% SC rollover. So members who have been travelling in a some capacity this year will start qualifying for next year with a reasonable head start - and I suspect that would be a decent chunk if the stats around domestic being back to 85% are accurate.

If you fall into a group which hasn't been able to travel much, then yes it would be a hard slog to requal for 22-23 but at least you have the soft-landing of Gold rather than falling all the way back to Bronze.
Apr 11, 2012
Personally, even though I can do a reasonable amount of domestic travel (depending on my work situation), I've only ever reached Platinum through personally-funded trips to the UK and/or US. I can't see that happening in my current membership year given international travel to those two countries is unlikely to resume until mid-2022. Even hitting Gold might be a challenge, and that's with 200-odd SCs carried over from last year.

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