My Finnair adventure from HEL

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Mar 22, 2005

Scheduled departure 1:45pm Scheduled arrival 5:40pm

Aircraft is a B777-300 AG-EMN. Boarding is from Gate 55 and I am on board at 1:15pm. I head to my allocated seat of 3B and we are again sitting around in the aircraft waiting for the last passengers to arrive. Warm towels are offered and a choice of water, orange juice or apple juice. No alcohol! I may actually enjoy this flight after all as I notice Natasha the pretty Russian FA supervisor.

Captain advises that we have short flight time today of 2:25 but our scheduled time has passed as some passengers have not boarded and they have to remove bags from aircraft. Connecting passengers? Probably not if they have to offload luggage. When are people going to learn? Not more than 10 minutes after captains announcement I notice 3 passengers board the aircraft. It is good to see the culprits and I feel better now. The aircraft pushes back at 2:02pm.

Still sitting on runway going nowhere and captain advises that we are 13th on list and at 2 minutes intervals that sounds like a long time before take off. How exciting! Someone please explain. That is now 4 flights in 2 days and everyone of them late. Is it just me or does anyone else experience these type of delays? Finally take off at 2:37pm, 52 minutes late!

The seats look ordinary in business class with a configuration of 2-3-2 and 7 rows of seats. Individual screens for IFE. Interesting that they have 2 external cameras on this aircraft which make for interesting viewing. The forward pointing camera shows a pilot eye view during the flight and it is fascinating during take off and landing. The downward pointing camera allows views of the beautiful scenery on the way to the destination. Did I mention that the seats are uncomfortable?

During the flight we were able to make up plenty of time and touched down at 5:58pm, arrived at gate N64 at 6:04pm and cleared immigration at 6:25pm. Went upstairs to departures to find out what would happen with my return flight. I was told it would be on Cathay Pacific departing at 10:10pm. No one could explain what would happen with the SCs and FF points. When I get the time I will need to send off an email to Finnair customer support in SIN.

At least I have enough time to take the Airport Express into Hong Kong. Only HK$100 for same day return (I apologise if at any stage I mentioned that it was only HK$90 return, clearly a mistake). Not a lot of time and I did not go outside to look around but Hong Kong looks very pretty and I am sure over the next few years I will get to spend some time here.


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Mar 22, 2005
Emirates Business Class Menu Bangkok-Hong Kong

Light Meal

Grilled Scallops and smoked salmon julienne, served on a lettuce bed
Roast Duck Breast, served on a marinated wing bean salad

Main Courses
Beef Teriyaki, accompanied with hokkien noodles and mixed sauteed vegetables
Roasted Chicken Thigh, served with tomato salsa, accompanied with sauteed pumpkin, brocolli and potatoes
Plakapong Yellow Curry, deep fried plakapong fish fillet, served with a yellow eggplant curry sauce, accompanied with steamed rice and Chinese brocolli

Panna Cotta, light cream, served with a berry coulis

Beverages and Chocolates
Coffee freshly brewed or decaffeinated

Bar Service

Aperitifs and coughtails
Sweet or Dry Cherry, Campari, Dry martini
Sweet or Dry Vermouth, Gin or Vodka Martini Old Fashioned
Bloody Mary Manhattan, Negroni
Sours Whisky, Gin, Brandy, Gin Fizz, Tom Collins
Champagne coughtail
Highballs Whisky, Brandy, Gin, Rum

Charles Ellner, Cuvee de Reserve Brut

White Wine
Pascal Joliver Pouilly Fume 2004
Wither Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2005

Red Wine
Chareau Potensac Medoc 1996
Torbreck Estate Barossa Valley Old Vines Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre 2004

Warre's Latte Bottled 1999

Scotch Whisky
Malt Whisky
Jack Daniels
Rye Whisky
Bacardi Rum

Tia Maria
Cognac VSOP
Baileys Irish Cream

Assortment of Beers

Soft Drinks
Fruit Juices
Ginger Ale
Tonic Water
Natural Spring Water
Iced Tea
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