My Favourite Souvenirs

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Oct 31, 2010
I have been lucky to travel to many far flung destinations and have always sourced souvenirs that tickled my fancy and brought them home just as keep sakes - I am sure many others here have done / continue to do the same.

I thought I might just share 3. The first are my all time favourites - I found this set of 4 Chinese babies on Ancient Cultural Street in Tianjin, China. Just had to have them and they have been prominently displayed in our house for 14yrs now:

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Then I have these 4 bottles of Chinese Liquor (White Death). Again I picked these up in Tianjin but this time in the gift shop at Sheraton Hotel of all places. The images of the Emperors are actually on back side of bottle and you view the images through windows on front. I have had quite a few of our Chinese business partners and friends stay with us over the years and one of the most interesting things about these is the fascination they hold for those visitors - none of them have ever seen anything like these before and they are virtually mesmerised by them:

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And on a totally different tact this dinky little Tic-TacTooe set of Donkeys we picked up in Santorini after doing the obligatory touristy thing of riding the donkeys back up from dock - I do not know why I love this $2 trinket so much - just do:

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Would be interested to view a few of the souvenirs fellow AFFers have accumulated over the years?
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Nov 12, 2012
Nice thread idea :)

I must say I'm finding it harder and harder to buy souvenirs these days. Went to Russia twice and didn't find anything I liked either time (the Babushka dolls are just too cheesy .. and expensive!).

Usually some form of nice glass wear (as in art piece, not glasses!) , or a book about the place. These pieces from Riga amongst my favourites, even though they aren't saying 'Riga'.

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