Mobile Phones in-flight: Coming soon (regrettably)

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Jul 31, 2003
This is reported in the Stay In Touch column of the SMH today.

In a nutshell an American company called AeroMobile has developed technology that will enable passengers to safely use their phones in-flight. Emirates has already spent money on introducing the system and our own national carrier is in discussion with them now.

Personally I can think of nothing worse. Being cloistered inside the big metal tube is bad enough without eager newbies or zealous business bods yakking to whoever it is that needs to be contacted.

While most people are reasonably considerate in other public arenas there is invariably going to be the boorish loudmouth who doesn't mind sharing his thoughts with all and sundry, et al and at high decibels.

Requests for etiquette to be observed falls on their cloth ears now so why would they be any different in the air?

This is NOT progress. :evil:
Not open for further replies.