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Sep 2, 2005
I am booked on QF73 from SYD to SFO in August 06 and want to continue to Seattle. QF73 arrives at 10.15am and I need to know if I will have enough time to clear customs/immigration etc if I was to book a 12.48pm UA flight to SEA.

The departure times for AA and AS does not fit into my schedule so I will need to know so that I can either book a later flight and arrange a hotel at SEA. I departed from SFO in Sept 04 when I returned to Sydney, but did not arrive at SFO so I don't know from that trip.

I flew into SFO in 2001 and was lucky enough to use 200k AN points and flew F, and had a dream run through customs etc possibly because of F. Your help would be appreciated to enable me to book the domestic legs of my trip. I seem to recall Lindsay travels to SEA often so he might know.

Kiwi Flyer

Senior Member
Sep 24, 2004
2 1/2 hours should be long enough. But if booked on separate tickets you are running a risk of misconnecting, especially if cant check in for UA flight until arrive at SFO.

The Air NZ flight to SFO arrives a little later and each time it has taken me more than an hour to clear immigration & customs.
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Active Member
Dec 13, 2004
I agree, 2 and a half hours connect in SFO should be good providing that the QF flt out of Sydney isn't delayed, but even then, they can make up time across the Pacific if they're forced to. The unknown is always going to be what happens after the wheels hit the ground at SFO.

Connect times in both SFO and LAX are a real concern these days even if your travelling on connecting flights with the same carrier.

I'm on a flight with UA to New York in Feb and I usually connect with a flight out of LAX or SFO to EWR but this time the connect times looked a lot tighter than what they been in the past years and to be on the safe side I decided to travel on the same UA thru flt number to JFK.
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