MH INT - QF DOM SYD Transfer

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Aug 30, 2005
Will be transfering through SYD on the way to BNE next week on the return from KUL (on MH123, not MH141 which proceeds to BNE).

My question is: does it matter if I purchase the SYD-BNE QF ticket over the net with regards to the transfer (seperate from the MH issued paper ticket), that is, can I effectively "check-in" at the transfer desk, as opposed to "re-check"?

From memory when transfering through SYD you collect your bags, pass through customs/AQIS, exit the baggage hall, and then re-check with QF near the transfer bus. I have previously only done this when part of OW itinery, where the bags where checked through (even though you still had to collect/re-check them) and a boarding pass had already been issued, although from memory QF issued a new one in SYD anyway.
Not open for further replies.

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