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Feb 10, 2010
Re: Good till December 2011, 10:1 | Re: Membership Rewards & bonus poin

The Hotelclub 10 Bonus Point offer is definitely valid for ANZ AMEX Cards cause my husband has an ANZ QFF AMEX and he booked through Book Cheap Hotel Deals, Budget & Luxury Accomodations | HotelClub and got his 10 Bonus Points per dollar.

I'm really glad to hear that at least one brave soul is getting paid (in points) as he should.

Its not for me though I'm afraid. With T&C written as they are at Hotelclub added to a general disinterest from ANZ card services and no knowledge at all from the bank branch I went to see I've run my course on how much effort I'm going to put in.

Life is so busy for me right now, my attention span is reducing as a result. So many various merchants seem to genuinely want my business and are pretty unambiguous about it .. or perhaps I'm just lazy, I don't know, in any event, difficult banks and hotels and whatnot these days are just not getting my attention.
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