Melbourne to Europe via Korea


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Oct 30, 2021
Hi all

Wondering about best options for Melbourne to western Europe with stop over in Seoul using either krisflyer or Velocity? (I have 400k and 750k in each)

4 x pax flying business or economy in March 2023. Which alliances or airlines are best to look into?

Would prefer to avoid multiple other stop overs (ie Singapore) but not sure if possible?



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May 17, 2006
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What research have you done?
With ff miles in SQ/KF (Star Alliance) & VA(unaligned) your options are limited. SQ is a VA ff partner
You need to book on the SQ & VA web sites. Even if the award is on another (partner) airline
Business class awards for 4 pax (on the same flight) will be hard. Very hard. May need to split your party 2 + 2 or 3+1

Does KF allow stopovers on awards? Most ffp's now do not. So most awards are point to point.
With KF ff miles highly likely you will need to transit SIN. Stop overs are not the same as transits.

VA parnters. Other than VA not much help

A guide. Does not have all airline/ffps

KE is skyteam Korean Air - Wikipedia
OZ is being taken over by KE (will be Skyteam) Asiana Airlines - Wikipedia
Not your alliance (after the takeover), but are the Korean airlines
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Apr 27, 2005
Depending on when you're flying I would suggest Asiana (OZ) as the obvious choice. 4 seats on the one flight might be a bit of an ask... you could try breaking the party into 2 x 2.

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