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Melbourne - London - Istanbul - Tehran - Shiraz - Melbourne

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Nov 7, 2013
Not sure how to delete this post but it's not needed - I've (after a lot of searching) come up with a winning combo!

Hi all

A rather complex flight here (I think) that I'm hoping somebody with some more skill in this matter can help me with.

My wife and I have the following trip planned:

Melbourne – London Thu 7 May
London – Istanbul Wed 13 May
Istanbul – Tehran Sat 16 May 10:25 TK0870
Shiraz - Melbourne Fri 29 May

The Melbourne to London flight needs to depart either Thursday 7 May night after 10:00PM or on Friday 8 May morning, as early as possible.

We have a wedding on Sun 10 May in London and would like a few days after that in London but aren't completely locked in so although a Wed 13 May departure from London to Istanbul is ideal we can do this a day either side.

Istanbul to Tehran is not negotiable - we need to be on the 10:25 TK0870 on Saturday 16 May.

For the final leg of the flight, ideally we want to get a flight out of Shiraz however if it's materially cheaper I'm thinking we could get a train to Tehran and depart from there. This outbound flight ideally needs to be on Fri 29 May but we can do Sat 30 May if required.

Our budget is AUD$3000 per person. I'm a Velocity Platinum member with 390,000 points and an economy family reward available. My wife and I are also Qantas FF members however we have no status and very little in the way of points.

Happy to travel economy and on any airline, but if there's a way we could use the Velocity points to get the cost down or get a business upgrade that would be brilliant

Looking forward to any help on this one!

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