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MEL First lounge joins PER RSA push

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Apr 27, 2005
Whenever I complain about service/food/attitude - I make sure I've completed the consumption stage....
I'm in two minds about that! Half the time if you come across a problem but don't report it until later the hotel/restaurant/airline will say 'why didn't you tell us at the time and we would have put it right?. And the other half of the time you mention it immediately and there's hell to pay.

Maybe it's safer to complain on the spot about things the crew have no control over - like catering, or the seat, or IFE. Then all they have to do it agree with you.


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Jan 26, 2011
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I don't think anyone would appreciate being told they had consumed so much alcohol that to serve them another drink would violate RSA principles.


Oct 21, 2009
JohnK have you not read the thousands of accurate, inciteful and intelligent posts that both JT and bc have contributed to AFF? They are very rational and intelligent people - well seasoned in all facets of the flying game particularly lounges and lounge etiquette - I think they may be far better placed to decide which course of action was appropriate at that point in time.
Have to disagree here, haven't found many of their posts to be inciteful. Definitely insightful though.


Nov 5, 2010
I've had some interesting experiences over my last trip from MEL-SIN-MNL-SIN-MEL.

Spent around 3 hours in the Mel first lounge and enjoyed a couple of glasses of veuve then started working our way through some gems on thewine menu (riesling and chardonnay were the pick) with a massage in between. Service was fine perhaps a little bland until the wonderful Massimo took centre stage. Realising we are wine and spirit appreciators he then gave us a 16 YO scotch, grand tawny port and cognac. He also proceeded to convince the chef to cook the salt and pepper squid and minute steak at 11am before the breakfast menu began. He was an exceptional host who brought others in the dining area alive and into our conversation. We left the lounge with big smiles on our faces and fantastic memories.

In contrast during my last visit to the Singapore lounge a gentleman by the name of Ronaldo at the bar raised issues of RSA during both our visits to the lounge. Considering the cocktails made there are quite weak (compared to a correct recipe) and we are responsible drinkers who drink to enjoy rather than drink to get drunk, we were very uncomfortable with his level of service. Considering that others within the lounge have access and can enjoy self service wine could get far more drunk than we could, I was disappointed. At the end of our last trip the lounge manager came over to apologise and the man himself was forced into giving a weak apology.

As someone who has visited many lounges in my young years I have never usually been made to feel like a drunken degenerate out at a pub at 3am. There seems to be a lack of consistency among service in recent times.


Jan 17, 2011
It seems that the MEL First lounge is learning from the QF PER domestic lounge.

I have enjoyed 4 drinks in the QFi lounge in MEL in the last 4 hours and have been told that I have been cut off due to RSA regulations. The F&B manager had been advised that we have had "7 rounds" and could not serve us any more as we may be refused boarding. As I hold an RSA myself, I could see this was stretching the boundaries.

Actually the drinks were as follows:

Champagne, coffee, champagne, champagne, red wine. A considerable amount of water has also been consumed along with food. The two friends accompanying I am with and I have also been quite reserved in our behaviour.

Now I am not normally a conspiracy theorist, however this occurred about ten minutes after I made a comment to the front desk about the level of service of the Accor staff.

Some time after QF93 left and the lounge had quietened I took the time to chat to the First host and the other front desk attendant. I told them that the food and beverage staff seemed disinterested with providing the appropriate level of service to anyone in the lounge regardless of how busy it was. The First host spoke with the F&B manager. The F&B manager then cut us off.

Red Roo, are guests who complain to be treated like little children and told they can't have any more? I would have thought polite critiquing would be welcomed.
All I can say, is that I have had way more than 4 glasses in 4 hours...usually more like 5-6 in 2 hours.....and no one has said a word to me....the trick is to say nothing odd , and no one is the wiser......always works.


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Nov 30, 2009
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I'm going to test them out this Saturday morning at SYD for what is likely my last F lounge visit ever before dropping to SG

champagne for breakfast is acceptable right? ;)
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