MEL-ATL-SDF-JKF-MEL Routing/Ticketing questions

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May 5, 2014
Hi All,

I did post another thread related to this trip but was very confused. I've now got it sorted with specific questions. If this is better put in the paid assistance section, I'm happy to move it or ask for it to be moved - just tell me. Travellers are me (VFF gold) and hubby (VFF red). I currently have 100K FF points and will have before the flight around 110K points.

30 March 2015
1st April 2015
6th April 2015
SDF-NYC (any)
10 April 2015
NYC (any) to MEL

Intention is at this stage to book:

PNR 1 - Around $348 each return through Virgin
MEL-BNE 30 March standard domestic savers
BNE-MEL 12 April 2015 standard domestic savers

PNR 2 - Currently $4119.8 flexis both ways for upgrades through Virgin
BNE-LAX 30 March VA7
- PE upgrades are available on this flight as of yesterday
LAX-BNE 10 April 2015 VA8
- Business and PE upgrades are available on this flight as of yesterday

Internal Delta flights on the dates required. Currently coming up around $500 each return on Google flight search.

1. Are PE upgrades worth it on the BNE-LAX leg? Hubby is 6'3, I fit in the seat fine otherwise.
-Note: If PE upgrade isn't worth it, will book Delta on the leg over there which saves a few hundred $$

1.a If I book a Delta codeshare flight through the VA website, can I still upgrade? Given it has a VA number?

2. Any issues/hassles/things to be aware of booking seperate flights?

3. Issues getting into Delta SkyClub lounges as Velocity Gold? I know SDF doesn't have one, that is fine.

4. Any cheaper ways of doing this I haven't already thought of/figured out?
-Note: I have a travel agent and the Virgin gold help line both helping me with routing and pricing so far. Just wanting to tap into collective thoughts around this.

Please help! I need to book soon before all the fares go. The trip is so we can see hubby's grandparents one last time :(
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