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    In my twilight years I have again taken the step to renew my Qantas Club membership. Being a member for 20 years and not travelling as much I wondered if it was worth it. However whenever I use it my wife of 46 years never complains about the hot showers and food etc nor the cost. Over my working life I have travelled first class , business and economy. In my retired life first class is a bit too expensive ( except when my brother-in-law upgraded my wife and myself a few years ago ). Over these years I have travelled internationally on Qantas, Ansett, Cathay Pacific,Air New Zealand , Emirates , American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, United Airlines, Compass, Jetstar, British Airways , Lufthansa, SAS ,Thai, Virgin and last of all Delta. Over this time there have been some amazing and hilarious experiences. I guess there are problems in any class . BA had a catering strike - so entering first class we were handed a "doggie" bag with sandwiches etc in London but in JFK BA apologised and set a white table service for us in the first class lounge. Spoilt rotten. Coming come in Thai economy I was awoken to a fight in the aisle beside us - one very elderly Japanese gentleman had reached over and punched the elderly Japanese gentleman behind him. I think it was an all female crew and they were trying to break up the fight until the son of one of the protagonists came up and took her father to another seat. When we landed in Sydney we were unable to get of the plane until the two AFP officers who were all of 190 cms handcuffed and took these very elderly ,very small and ashamed Japanese men off the plane.
    I have had a great experience with the Virgin CEO - I wrote and asked if he would consider upgrading my 90 year old neighbour who fought at Kokoda and his wife to Business Class for the flight from Sydney to Cairns . They were upgraded and Virgin could not do enough to make sure their trip was as comfortable as possible.
    My last trip a month ago was on Delta - my wife has a garlic allergy and usually has a special meal and accepts that this causes a problem - for breakfast the flight attendant served her a curry ( I don't think curry is the greatest dish to have into a long flight). Normal breakfast was a Belgium waffle which my wife asked could she have instead of the curry. The flight attendant said no there was only a certain number catered- fair enough. Then she accidentally spilt water all over my wife's lap. Then it was hilarious - the attendant said I cannot dry you off yet - I have to wait until the toilet is empty so I can get some paper towel .... ah well no point in getting upset!!
    Still love travel and you have to spend a lot of time in the air from Australia
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    Welcome aboard!

    Certainly sounds like you've got some great stories to tell.
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    Welcome aboard Mansfield
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    Belated welcome to AFF Mansfield!
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    Welcome aboard!!
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