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Flying Fox

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Jul 13, 2006
OK so I just wanted to share a story that will give us all upgrade hope.

My mother wanted to go to HK to attend a friends wedding over Xmas. So I used points and booked her J class all the way there. Her intinerary was ADL-SYD-MEL-HKG-SYD-ADL all in J.

Requested her 11A for her international flights on the QF 747-400 as I like the seat.

On her return to ADL she informed me that in MEL they paged her in the QF Lounge to come to the front desk. Shen went to the front desk and said that they wanted to upgrade her to F. She accepted with great thanks.

She had a totally excellent time MEL-HKG in F and she also had a great time in J on the HKG-SYD flights.

I was really shocked that they upgraded her from J to F considering she was on an awards ticket.

Anyway, good for her and it makes me feel like a got some great value for my points. Besides, it gives me hope that this will happen to me some day too !!!

Anyone else have some great upgrade stories to share?

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