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Lounge Access with AA Gold (ex AA Plat)

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Jul 28, 2006

I'm flying SYD-HKG-BKK-HKG-SYD on CX in Aug and would like to use the lounge in HKG during the transit from HKG to BKK. Unfortunately, i got downgraded from AA Plat to Gold in Feb 06. :( Is there anyway to get lounge access at all ?

I will most likely do the Plat challenge to get back to platinum. A trip like that should just about get me a platinum status, but i am trying to get it for this particular trip.

Any one have any suggestions ? Can i beg and grovel to AA to upgrade the status based on this upcoming flight ?:confused:

My other option is to use a Citibank Platinum card to get access to a lounge there. I have a HKG based Citibank card, so I am guessing that there would be some form of lounge access there. Any ideas on this would be really helpful too.

Thanks !

Kiwi Flyer

Senior Member
Sep 24, 2004
Welcome to AFF mmice :)

How did you get the AA Plat status? If through the challenge then be aware that the rules have changed to prevent challenges in consecutive years.

If you buy a lot of flights through AA you can prepay some to get Gold (US$2500), Plat (US$5000) or EXP (US$10000) status valid until 28 February 2007. See the AA website for details (in particular when the flights must be flown by is a limitation and only good for travel through AA for self).
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